“Coupled with inflation at the highest it has been in 41 years and a Consumer Price Index for food up 14.6%, the rising cost of fertilizer will increase food insecurity and geopolitical tension domestically and abroad,” they wrote.

Hagerty, joined by 18 other senators, wrote a letter in March calling on the Biden administration to respond to record-high fertilizer prices, partly due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine weeks earlier.

“We are therefore urging your administration to review all available options to lower the cost of fertilizer,” the senators wrote at the time, suggesting that the administration eliminate the cross-border vaccine mandate for transporters of essential commerce, add agricultural minerals to the Department of the Interior’s List of Critical Minerals and take several other actions.

According to Thursday’s letter, 65% of imported UAN was from Trinidad and Tobago before the Department of Commerce’s restrictions.

Fifteen percent of imported phosphate came from Morocco before the restrictions, the letter said.

“Farmers still significantly rely on imports to fully meet demand,” wrote the lawmakers, calling the fertilizer products “building blocks to U.S. agricultural productivity.”

“The bottom line is that fertilizer is critical to national security and national defense,” they wrote. “As such, we strongly encourage you to take immediate action to waive duties on fertilizer imports from Morocco and Trinidad and Tobago.”

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