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Calmes: A stirring moment of collective purpose in Congress to support Ukraine- Opinion by Jackie Calmes

Even the seating in the Capitol auditorium reflected a rare bipartisanship. Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, never one to leave a political point unscored, sat between two Democrats, Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer and Vermont’s Sen. Patrick Leahy. The three men and hundreds of other members of Congress stared Wednesday morning at a big screen, transfixed by the live feed of Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, pleading for more […]

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Impoverished Afghan women are receiving emergency aid in crypto as the Taliban limits cash withdrawals and millions go hungry – Joshua Zitser

© Fereshteh Forough Impoverished Afghan women are receiving emergency aid in crypto as the Taliban limits cash withdrawals and millions go hungry Desperate Afghans are struggling to withdraw cash as the economy crumbles under the Taliban. The founder of a coding school for Afghan women told Insider that her students' families were going hungry. Afghanistan's economic collapse due to US sanctions and a shortage of cash as the Taliban chokes of […]

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Biden calls for elected officials to fulfill King’s ‘unfinished work’- Brett Samuels

President Biden on Monday marked the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday by urging elected leaders to follow through on the civil rights leader's "unfinished work" and protect the right to vote amid a stalled effort in Congress to pass voting rights legislation. As statements flowed in from elected officials honoring King, Biden said in a pre-recorded video published Monday that "it's not just enough to praise him, we must commit to his […]

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Rahul Dravid stands up for Virat Kohli, backing the India skipper James Richardson

India coach Rahul Dravid has praised the single-minded focus of Virat Kohli as he leads the Test team in South Africa. Kohli has been the subject of a media storm fuelled by a back and forth with the BCCI over his removal as skipper of the white-ball sides. This has not detracted from his work as the Test skipper, though, according to Dravid. “I know there’s been a lot of […]

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